Sylvan Arms partners with Law Enforcement Officers Weekend

Sylvan Arms has partnered with Law Enforcement Officers Weekend (LEOW) to raise awareness of and support Law Enforcement Families affected by a Line of duty death or serious injury. The LEOW is dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement Officers and their families in time of need. They Provide Events and Activities with their Blood & Blue Families of Active and Retired Law Enforcement Officers from across the United States.

The idea of the foundation’s flagship event was created by a NYPD recruit after the murder of two Officers in 2014. On May 15th of 2017 the first weekend event was held. Since then, the foundation has grown exponentially.  The organization now offers a total of three getaway vacations to the families of injured and fallen officers in Lake George, in Long Beach, NY, and in Miami, Florida. Aside from these flagship getaways, Law Enforcement Officers Weekend also hosts family-friendly events and activities throughout the year, consisting of professional sporting events, fishing charters, motorcycle rides, PTSD/Suicide awareness seminars and so much more. As of December 31st, 2022, Law Enforcement Officers Weekend has assisted 58 families, representing 26 different law enforcement agencies from 16 different states.

Sylvan Arms is proud to have donated a Generation 4 Folding Stock Adapter; An AR-15 to 9mm Conversion Block; and the R.A.M.S. 3 Piece Rail Combo Pack,  consisting of our 3 Slot Rail Mount, 7 Slot Rail Mount, and QD Sling Attachment; GLOCK 9mm Compensator for auction items and door prizes. We stand behind all our products and specialize in glock compatible slides, Suppressors and Folding Stock Adapters.

We look forward to supporting this organization and hope that you will check them out as well.

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