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Explore Sylvan Arms’ QD sling attachment and QD rail mount for seamless integration and rapid adaptability to your AR system and firearm setup. Our Quick Detach sling attachment, compatible with AR slings, and all other slings, provides secure connection points for your sling, ensuring comfort and maneuverability in any situation. With our QD rail mount, easily attach accessories to your firearm’s rail system with swift precision. Every product is manufactured right here in the US, whether it’s a Picatinny rail, a riser or an mlok.  Elevate your tactical capability with Sylvan Arms’ precision-engineered products, designed to enhance versatility and ease of use.


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What is a Quick Detach (QD) sling attachment?
  • A QD sling attachment is a mount that allows for rapid attachment and detachment of a QD sling swivel to your firearm, enhancing versatility and ease of use.
How does a QD rail mount work?
  • A QD rail mount securely attaches to a Picatinny rail, providing a quick and reliable way to attach accessories like optics, lights, or sling attachments.
What is a Picatinny rail?
  • A Picatinny rail is a standardized system used to mount accessories to firearms. It features a series of ridges and slots that allow for secure attachment of various accessories.
Can I use a riser with my Picatinny rail?
  • Yes, a riser can elevate your optic or accessory to achieve the desired height for proper sight alignment and eye relief on your Picatinny rail.
What is MLOK?
  • MLOK, also spelled as M-LOK, is a mounting system that allows for direct attachment of accessories to firearms using slots rather than rails, providing a lighter and more streamlined option.
Can I use MLOK attachments with a Picatinny rail?
  • Yes, many MLOK accessories come with adapters that allow for attachment to Picatinny rails, providing compatibility between the two systems.
Do you offer MLOK accessories for QD sling attachments?
  • Yes, we offer MLOK-compatible QD sling mounts, providing a versatile and secure mounting solution for your firearm.
What are the benefits of a QD sling attachment?
  • A QD sling attachment allows for quick transitions between different carry positions and provides a secure connection point for your sling, enhancing comfort and maneuverability.
Can I install a QD sling attachment without tools?
  • Yes, most QD sling mounts feature tool-less installation, allowing for easy attachment and removal in the field or at the range.
Do you offer QD sling attachments for both rifles and shotguns?
  • Our QD sling attachments are compatible with any long gun equipped with an M-LOK mounting system, providing versatile sling mounting options.
Are your QD sling attachments compatible with other brands' QD mounts?
  • Yes, our QD sling mounts are designed to be compatible with industry-standard QD swivels and snap hooks, ensuring interoperability with other brands' accessories. They will not work with locking swivels designed for stud mounts.
Can I use multiple QD sling attachments on the same firearm?
  • Yes, you can install multiple QD sling mounts on different positions of your firearm, allowing for customizable sling configurations to suit your preferences and shooting style.
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