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Our Custom gun slides are Glock Compatible Slides that are designed for any shooter looking to improve performance and quality from their stock Glock slides. The craftsmanship of our gun slides that can replace your factory Glock slide is outstanding. Constructed from high-quality 17-4 stainless steel, these Glock compatible gun slides are both strong and durable, while still maintaining a relatively lightweight feel.


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What is a Gun Slide?
  • A gun slide is a key component of a pistol, such as a Glock, housing critical parts such as the barrel, recoil spring assembly, firing pin, and extractor. Gun slides play a crucial role in the firing and reloading mechanism of the firearm.
How Do Gun Slides Function?
  • When a pistol is fired, the slide moves backward, ejecting the spent cartridge, chambering a new round, and cocking the firing mechanism. This action is facilitated by the movement of the slide, ensuring the pistol is ready to fire again.
What are Sylvan Gun Slides made of?
  • Sylvan Arms Custom Gun Slides are constructed from high-quality 17-4 stainless steel, using tighter tolerances to increase performance and provide a better feel. The gun slides are both strong and durable, while still maintaining a lightweight feel, so you can go ahead and upgrade your factory Glock slide with a SA custom gun slide. The slide’s finish is a slick black nitrite, which not only looks great but also provides excellent corrosion resistance.
Can replacing your factory Glock slide actually improve performance?
  • Yes, Sylvan Arms Glock Compatible Gun Slides come with numerous performance-enhancing features that any serious shooter will value. The Glock compatible gun slides have been precision machined to ensure a smoother, more consistent cycling action.
How easy is it to install a Sylvan Gun Slide?
  • Installing your new Glock compatible gun slide is a breeze. It is a drop-in replacement for your existing Glock slide, which means it requires no additional fitting or gun smithing. Simply swap out your old gun slide with the new one, and you’re good to go.
What do Glock compatible Slide Cuts do?
  • Glock compatible gun slide cuts refer to the various ways the top of the gun slides can be milled or cut. These cuts can be functional, such as providing a better grip for racking the slide, or aesthetic, like adding serrations for a more aggressive look.
Is adding a custom Glock compatible slide going to change the weight of my Glock?
  • Yes. Depending on the Cuts added into your Custom Glock Compatible Slide it will likely make your Glock lighter. So there is additional benefit to replacing your factory Glock slide.
Will my red dot fit my new gun slide?
  • Sylvan Arms mills optics cuts into all their gun slides. The base is a standard RMR profile, and the slide will come with an adaptor plate that fits most of the standard optics footprints. There are also cuts for fixed or iron sights. This will allow the user to attach any aftermarket front or rear sights.
What's included with my custom gun slide?
  • We have 3 variants of each Glock compatible gun slide. One is a stripped slide, one comes with internal parts, and one comes with the internal parts and iron sights from Ameriglo. If you are replacing your factory Glock slide our Glock compatible gun slides include an RMR cover plate, RMR adapter plate, 2 screws (to hold the plates in place) and 2 RMR locating pins.
What is not included with the Glock compatible gun slides?
  • Internal parts and sights are not included with our custom gun slides, a gun is also not included.
Where are Sylvan gun slides made?
  • All our Glock compatible gun slides are always made in the USA! So you can feel confident upgrading your factory Glock slide.
Are Sylvan's gun slides tested before shipping?
  • Yes, our gun slides are all range tested prior to shipping.
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