Check out our titanium suppressor line  – the 9mm suppressor, the 223 suppressor, and other premium suppressor products. These titanium suppressors are highly durable, simple to use, easy to service, and always CNC machined in the USA.


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  • Warthog 30 Cal. Titanium Suppressor

    This Suppressor is a highly durable multi-cal. suppressor. Approved for .30 cal, .223 cal, 5.56 cal, 300 Blackout and 7.62 x 39. Sleek and modern in design, it is built of lightweight titanium baffles and a durable titanium tube.


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  • Apache 9mm Titanium Suppressor

    Apache – Titanium 9mm Suppressor

    The 9mm suppressor – Sylvan Arms Apache Titanium is highly durable and easy-to-service.


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  • Osprey 556/223 Titanium Suppressor

    Osprey – Titanium 223 / 5.56 Suppressor

    This 223 suppressor is a highly durable, easy-to-service, and affordable 5.56 Suppressor.


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  • Tomcat .22 Titanium Suppressor

    Tomcat .22 Titanium Suppressor

    Introducing the super light and quiet Sylvan Arms Tomcat .22 Titanium Suppressor. The SA22 and SA22-Ti have equivalent sound reduction specifications.


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  • Muzzle Device, Flash Hider.

    Discover the Sylvan Arms muzzle devices that come in 5/8 x 24 or 1/2 x 28.  Made out of 17-4 SS for durability and long life.

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  • Stainless Steel Flash Hider .223/5.56 1/2-28

    Our Sylvan Arms .223/5.56 Flash Hider uses a 3 prong, 5 hole design to help reduce overall flash as well as recoil when firing your firearm. Our Flash Hiders are also specifically designed to be compatible with our Suppressors.

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What are the advantages of using a 9mm suppressor on my pistol?
  • A suppressor is a device designed to reduce the noise generated when a firearm is discharged. A 9mm titanium suppressor protects your hearing, improves your accuracy by reducing recoil and helps with muzzle flash.
Do I still need hearing protection when shooting with a 5.56 suppressor (556 suppressor)?
  • Yes, while a 5.56 titanium suppressor reduces the noise to safer and more comfortable levels it is recommended that you still use hearing protection.
Is a 9mm suppressor, 223 suppressor or 556 suppressor an accessory that’s worth buying?
  • When it comes to owning a firearm, there are several accessories that can greatly enhance your shooting experience. One such accessory is a gun suppressor, which allows you to have extended enjoyment at the range (especially indoors) while protecting your hearing.
Does using a 9mm suppressor, 223 suppressor or 556 suppressor help with recoil?
  • Yes, improved recoil management is one of the advantages of a titanium suppressor. The added weight and length of a suppressor can act as a muzzle brake, reducing muzzle rise and felt recoil. This also allows for quicker follow-up shots and enhanced control over your firearm.
Does using a 9mm suppressor, 223 suppressor or 556 suppressor help with muzzle flash?
  • Yes, a titanium suppressor can significantly reduce muzzle flash, especially when shooting in low-light conditions. This reduction in flash improves your overall visibility, allowing you to maintain a clear sight picture and track your target more effectively. Whether you are a hunter or a tactical shooter, this added advantage can make a real difference in critical situations.
Why else would I use a 9mm suppressor, 223 suppressor or 556 suppressor (5.56 suppressor)?
  • Apart from the recreational benefits, suppressors also have practical applications. They can help maintain a low auditory profile while hunting, minimizing the chances of alarming nearby wildlife or revealing your location to potential threats. In a home defense scenario, a titanium suppressor can reduce the risk of hearing damage for yourself and your loved ones, allowing for better communication and situational awareness.
Does every suppressor fit every gun?
  • No, suppressors come in a variety of sizes that are intended for different calibers and different uses. In addition your gun should be suppressor ready. Certain titanium suppressors, however, can be used for multiple calibers.
Is every gun suppressor ready?
  • No, a suppressor-ready gun will typically have a threaded barrel that allows for the attachment of a titanium suppressor, or a suppressor ready muzzle device, and proper sights that are not blocked by the suppressor. Short recoil weapons with moving barrels (semi-auto handguns) need extra force to cycle when using a suppressor. Neilsen devices, also known as muzzle boosters, are springs that ensure reliable cycling with the suppressor.
Is it legal to own a 9mm suppressor, 223 suppressor or 556 suppressor?
  • Yes, owning a gun suppressor is legal in most states, however there is certain criteria that needs to be met so it’s crucial to be aware of and comply with local laws and regulations when considering the use or ownership of a suppressor.
Can you change the barrel to make your rifle suppressor ready?
  • Yes, you should be able to change your barrel to a threaded barrel that works for a suppressor, be sure you select one with quality in mind, so it does not damage your rifle suppressor. Changing the barrel of a semi-automatic handgun is fairly easy. One normally removes the barrel when cleaning the weapon. Removing fixed barrels, like those on rifles, should be done by a qualified gunsmith.
Is a 9mm suppressor the same thing as a silencer?
  • A 9mm suppressor is sometimes referred to as a silencer, however this device is designed to reduce the noise generated when a firearm is discharged, it does not silence the firearm completely.
How is the 9mm suppressor designed?
  • The core of a 9mm suppressor is typically a series of expansion chambers that are designed to slow down and cool the high-pressure gases that follow the bullet out of the muzzle. The slowing down of these gases reduces the intensity of the noise they produce. Within each expansion chamber are baffles or dividers, which help redirect and disrupt the flow of gases.
Are all 9mm suppressors, 223 suppressors, 556 suppressors and 300 blackout suppressors designed the same way?
  • The basic principle is the same for a 9mm suppressor, 223 suppressor, 556 suppressor and 300 blackout suppressor - they are designed around the principal of redirecting, slowing down, and cooling the high-pressure gases produced during the firing of a firearm.
What is the Sylvan Arms 9mm suppressor, 556 suppressor, 223 suppressor and 300 blackout suppressor constructed from?
  • The choice of materials can affect the suppressor’s overall effectiveness and durability. The Sylvan Arms 9mm suppressor, 556 suppressor and 223 suppressor are CNC machined, with a titanium tube, steel endcaps, and a mix of titanium and steel internals, which makes them highly durable, and simple to use.
How easy is it to install my new 5.56 suppressor?
  • Installing your new 5.56 suppressor is a breeze. If your 5.56 suppressor is a direct thread (screws on), it is as simple as threading it on to the end of the barrel. If you have a muzzle device on the barrel, it will need to be removed first. If your 5.56 suppressor is a quick attachment (comes with a proprietary attachment system), you will have to first attach the mounting system, usually a muzzle device. If there is already a muzzle device in place, it will need to be removed. Once the included muzzle device is in place, simply attach your 5.56 suppressor. Please make sure your weapon is unloaded and safe before you work on the weapon.
Where are Sylvan Arms suppressors made?
  • All Sylvan Arms products are made in the USA, that includes the Warthog 30 cal Titanium Suppressor, the Apache Titanium 9mm Suppressor, Osprey Titanium 223 Suppressor and the Tomcat .22 Titanium Suppressor.
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