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357/38 Revolver Speed Loader 2 pack


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357/38 Revolver Speed Loader 2 pack – Loads cartridges into your revolver instantly with just a twist of the knob. The Sylvan Arms Speed Loader instantly loads all six cartridges securely into nearly any revolver.

Made With black Nylon do reduce weight but maintains durability. Connect points hold the cartridges securely in the loader until you release them into the revolver with a slight turn of the loaders knob.

Fits Medium Carry Case.


Speed loader

 Popular Twist Knob

  • Model:  R1
  • Cal:  .38/357
  • Fits most standard 6 shot revolvers.
  • Black Nylon
  • PA66 for the knob
  • PA66+15%GF for the body


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