Lower Vise Block Support Module


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Sylvan Arms

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The super durable, chemical-resistant lower support module allows you to hold your firearm securely for cleaning, assembly, and repair. This support module slides easily and fits firmly into its corresponding Sylvan Arms cleaning plate thereby safeguarding against finish and structural damage that may be brought on by the application of vise pressure such as scratches, dents, twists, and other structural distortions.


• Perfect for cleaning, service, and weapon assembly
Lets you secure your firearm into the support cleaning plate for whatever gunsmithing work you need to do. The lower support module allows you to work safely on your firearm free from worries about vise pressure damage.

• Works with Lower receivers
This lower support module can handle your lower receivers. It slides into the magazine well and stays firmly in place.

• Solvent-resistant polymer construction
This lower support module is durable and highly resistant to chemicals including gun solvents and cleaners.


• High-end Polycarbonate construction
• 5.56/223 Lower Receiver Support Module
• Lightweight yet durable

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