AR-15 to 9mm Glock Conversion Block

AR-15 to 9mm Glock Conversion Block


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The Sylvan Arms 9mm Glock Conversion Block is a drop-in fit to give you a 9mm capable lower without resorting to buying a pistol caliber specific option. Designed to install in Mil-Spec lowers almost exactly like a standard rifle magazine.

  • Easy to install and swap out
  • Accepts popular Glock 9mm magazines
  • Designed to work with Mil-Spec lowers
  • Does NOT include last round bolt hold open

Product Details

  • Material: Steel and 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Black Anodized
  • Weight: 4.2 oz.

Designed, built and assembled in the USA
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Check it out in action: Sylvan Arms 9mm Glock Conversion Block

If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering.

5 reviews for AR-15 to 9mm Glock Conversion Block

  1. RtoR

    I purchased this to convert a 556 AR lower to 9mm. Works fantastic. Put 9mm barrel on an old 556 upper and added a $109 TRYBE Defense Milspec 9mm BCG and it simply works perfect. Barrel $139. This mag-well conversion and $109 BCG and I have a 9mm AR from an old 556 setup.

  2. Stan

    This unit is AWESOME!!!! I have two of them in different manufacturers lowers and they have been 100% in both lowers. Shot hollow point, fmg, flat point and they all have functioned perfectly. The ETS mags drop freely, the only ones that are a little tight are the factory Glock mags. I like the ETS mags better anyway.

  3. Bill D (verified owner)

    I’ve shot about 500 rounds through my 9mm build, not a single malfunction. Ive used Glock, KCI and ETS with no issues. All mags fed and ejected normally. Hope you guys make one for the M&P9/40.

  4. Darryl

    It works well, but man is it tight to get in and the after market mags I am using are also a very tight fit. Just a hair more room would be great.

  5. Janz

    I’ve used dedicated glock-mag lowers from QC10, PSA, and New Frontier and have also install the TorkMag adapter so I’ve been around the block a bit with small-frame Glock use in AR form factor. I saw Primary Arms had a unit on sale and picked one up to test out. Frankly I was expecting at least some fussiness, however, this conversion block ran flawlessly with the 9mm upper I took out to test it with. Not one malfunction at all.

    Ran 115gr bulk Remington, some Federal bulk 115gr, some Blazer 147gr, and some PPU 147gr JHP. All worked w/o issue.

    Getting used to the position of the magazine release was a bit awkward (dedicated lowers and the TM kit all use the standard mag-release location), however, grabbing the mag and pulling the release with the off-hand index finger was easy to get used to. Mags do not drop free (at least in the one I picked up).

    I have to say I’m very pleased with this unit and have recommended it to my gun-owning friends that were looking into a glock-mag-fed 9mm AR, but didn’t want to buy a new dedicated lower (or mess with having to modify your mags like the TorkMag unit).

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