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Pro Combination Wrench


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Our Pro Combination Wrench is an essential part of each AR-15 gunsmithing kit, designed to meet all your AR maintenance needs. It can handle all the AR-15 building and maintenance needs in one very useful implement.


• The convenient multi-tool
The Pro Combination Wrench can be used as a stock wrench, castle nut ring, butt stock tube, torque/tension wrench, compensator, and barrel nut with the following capacities:

• Barrel nut torque – 30-80 ft/lb

• Castle nut torque – 40 ft/lb

• Flash hider torque – 30 ft-lb

• Versatile
It is designed to fit most rifle variants, including AR, M16, and M4 rifles.

• Durable
This tool is extremely tough, made of heavy-duty steel with a powder coat finish. It is durable enough to last for a long time with frequent use.


• Compatible with most rifle variants
• Made of heavy-duty steel with powder finish
• Length: 12.5″
• Weight: 21 oz