Gen. 1 Sylvan Arms AR15 Folding Stock Adapter

Gen. 1 Sylvan Arms AR15 Folding Stock Adapter


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The Sylvan Arms Universal Folding Stock Adapter Hinge allows you to fold your stock

It has a standard 1-3/16″ x 16 threads and does not require any additional parts to be used. No special tools required. Simply screw on, fold, and carry!


• Fit: universal
• Material: B390 CNC-machined Aluminum
• Length: 1.3 inches
• Warranty: 1 years
• Manufacture: USA


One response to “Gen. 1 Sylvan Arms AR15 Folding Stock Adapter”

  1. Kurt Ackermann says:

    Easy to install, made my 10.5″ pistol able to fit into an LBT Geronimo backpack so I can take it with me as a backup in case the excrement contacts the rapidly oscillating wind generator. It’s quick to get into action as well, just flip the tube closed, rack the CH and put your booger hook on the BANG switch.
    I’ve shown the setup to a few buddies and they want one too!
    I saw some mention on Amazon (where I got mine) of needing to file the catch to make it open and close, but I had absolutely NO issues with mine. I get the feeling those guys were the type who use a Dremel tool on everything…Lord save us from “gifted amateurs”!

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