Sylvan Arms DBR with Blue CablZ

Sylvan Arms DBR with Blue CablZ


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Sylvan Arms DBR’s  is another innovated product brought to you by Sylvan Arms. This Product is made of high Strength Titanium and Memory foam to make a light Weight long lasting comfortable ear protection. They also come with a proactive carry case along with Blue Cablz. Sylvan Arms DBR’s  are also backed by our Sylvan Arms limited lifetime warranty.


You Should only hear bone-conducted sounds when the SADBR’s is Used Correctly.  You should not hear any external sounds through the ears. We recommend using the small plugs first, and then using larger ones if you do not achieve full sound elimination.


For Best Results:

*Use the SADBR’s  When in High-noise Circumstances to protect your ears

*Inspect the earplugs regularly to check if it is in serviceable condition.

*Follow the Manufacturer’s instructions for fitting, adjusting, and maintaining the earplugs.

*Regularly clean Metal screws with mild detergent and warm water, and air dry.

*Keep the Product Components in case until you are ready to use them. Store in a cool, dry place to avoid exposure to direct sunlight or caustic chemicals to prevent damage to the ear plugs.


*Failure to read the following and all the instructions can result in problems and issues in using this product*

(1) Insert the holding Screw into the earplug, You Should Hear a click when it is Properly Inserted.

(2) Make Sure there is no space Between the case of the screw and the earplug.

(3) Compress and Shape the end of the stem to a blunt point in order to fit into the ear.

(4) Take hold of the top of your outer ear and pull to open up the ear canal. Insert the DBR’s , earplug first, into the ear.

(5) Release your outer ear, and the stem should conform to the shape of your ear canal, making a perfect seal against External sounds.

(6) You can replace the ear plug by gripping the holding screw tightly, twisting it, and pulling off the ear plug.