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Sylvan Arms Soft Armored Ballistic Shirt


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The Sylvan Arms Ballistic Shirt comes with soft and flexible body armor. It is a complete and versatile ballistics protection system that combines strength, comfort, and concealment. The shirt is designed for concealment by keeping a slim profile when worn under loose clothing. It provides level IIIA protection from handgun projectiles of up to .357 SIG FMJ and .44 MAG SJHP. The fabric is soft, lightweight, and breathable, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Has discreetly sewn pockets on the front and back, for our Soft and Flexible Body Armor, which provides an excellent level of protection. Our shirts are available in sizes M-XXXL and the shirts are machine washable with the panels taken out.

  • The shirt is made of nylon material.
  • They are independently tested to NIJ Level IIIA protection.
  • Multi-hit rated.
  • Can be used with any Hard Armor System.




Black/Medium (M), Black/Large (LG), Black/Extra Large (XL), Black/ 2X Large (2X), Black/ 3X Large (3X), White/Medium (M), White/Large (LG), White/Extra Large (XL), White/ 2X Large (2X), White/ 3X Large (3X)


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