Advanced Sight Pusher Tool

Advanced Sight Pusher Tool


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This tool is Sylvan Arms largest and most advanced sight pusher tool which was designed to be universal so that it could adjust/remove/push/replace sights on almost any pistol or handgun. Made from 9310 steel frame, 6061 aluminum blocks, with two distinct precision CNC Machined pusher blocks (one standard and one specialized for “snake eye” or “ringer” type sights), it includes a padded carry case, Glock disassembly tool, and Glock front sight removal tool.
The Sylvan Arms Gen 4 Advanced sight pusher is the most complete tool package available in its price range.

This is the only sight tool on the market that has a specialized pusher block that will work for the snake eye type sights, with the bonus pusher block that is included, designed specifically for this purpose.

Package includes:

  1. Full CNC precision 6061 aluminum block kit for all types of slides
  2. Standard hardened pusher block
  3. Specialized hardened pusher block for “snake eye” type sights
  4. Glock disassembly tool
  5. Glock front sight removal tool
  6. Padding for blocks
  7. Location/Working Peek Hole
  8. Padded Carry case
  9. Securable bottom block
  10. Upgraded Stainless Steel hardware.

Included in this package are 4 sets of interchangeable grip inserts:

  1. Grip inserts with straight sides for Glocks, 1911, and similar.
  2. Grip inserts with stepped sides for XD, XDS, XDM, and others with stepped sides.
  3. Grip inserts with notches for Beretta, Colts, 92 and others with slide safety’s and/or de-cockers
  4. Grip inserts with angled sides designed for all handguns that have angled sides