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BCG Replacement Weight 35°


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The BCG Replacement Weight is meant to replace the stock weight in the back of your BCG to accept our .625 bolt extension for our Gen. 3 Folding Stock Adapter. If your bolt extension comes up short, you may need this part. The BCG Replacement Weight does come with a 9mm coiled pin. PLEASE NOTE that this BCG Replacement Weight has a 35° angled hole for the roll pin. Newer designs as of December 2020 may require a horizontal hole.

Product Details

  • Weight: 3.910 oz.
  • Comes with 1 9mm coiled pin

Not all AR-9’s require this weight. Below is a list of the very few BCG’s that have required our BCG Replacement Weight in the past.

– Palmetto State Armory
– Diamondback Firearms
– Anderson Arms
– New Frontier
– Aero Precision

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