Buffer Retaining Nut

Buffer Retaining Nut


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Our Buffer Retaining Nut was designed to replace the buffer retaining pin in our Gen 3 Folding stock adapters. By threading the buffer retaining nut into our folding stock adapter, it provides a more reliable alternative to the buffer pin design that holds your buffer in place.

Instructions for install are provided below.

– Remove hex head screw, spring and pin from underneath the folding stock adapter.
– Begin threading the buffer retaining nut into the folding stock adapter with the indents facing towards the “do not fire while open” side of the adapter.
– Once threaded until flush with the folding stock adapter, you can tighten the buffer retaining nut into place using the indents with snap ring pliers.
– After tightening, you reinstall the buffer retaining pin, spring and screw underneath the folding stock adapter to prevent the buffer retaining nut from backing off.

If you need buffer retaining pins click Here

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

1 review for Buffer Retaining Nut

  1. Walter

    After having issues with the retaining pin breaking that came with my folder I contacted the company and within a day or two I had the fix for the problem. They sent me a new Buffer Retaining Nut which was easy to put in (15 min). I did about 10 minutes of manual bolt pulls and did not feel any tugging and scraping. The next day I had a carbine class to teach so I let the students use my AR. Different shooters different ammo. They shot about 500 rounds through the gun with no issues. This is the fix for the broken pin issue. The nut stayed in place with a little blue locktite as a back up. Great customer service and a great product.

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