Arm Brace

Arm Brace


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A stabilizing aid for single-handed pistol shooting by Sylvan Arms

The  Arm Brace is a shooter’s aid designed specifically for pistols. It provides additional support, improving stabilization and balance while firing.


• Improved Stability = Improved Accuracy
Our arm brace minimizes accuracy-robbing spin and shift, and reduces recoil resulting from firing large frame pistols.

• Adjustable locking clamp
This Arm Brace is the only one in the market that has the unique adjustable locking clamp feature. It allows you to adjust the length of the brace and then locks it in the desired position for custom pistol firing. This ensures more stability and comfort for each single-handled pistol shot.


• Fits all pistols equipped with buffer tubes 1” to 1.2” in diameter
• Made from high-quality elasto polymer

2 responses to “Arm Brace”

  1. john thurman says:

    easy install, quality product. one thing i might suggest is doing as i did and getting a longer 8-32 screw, threading it in from the threaded side and putting a wing nut on the back side so you can easily loosen/tighten it. that way it allows for others to adjust it to their fit without the need to carry an allen wrench around.

  2. Works Great! I purchased this with the Sylvan Arms Folding adapter. Very robust and strong. I can see this out living all my rifles and me. Lol the pistol brace works works as it should and against the shoulder as a brace, should it slip. Very happy with my purchases. Keep them coming!!

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